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Cleaning Products.

Goo Gone® is America’s top selling range of cleaning products and they’re now available to the South African market. Known for removing even the toughest stains and greasiest goo, these household cleaning products have made the arduous task of scrubbing stains an absolute pleasure.

The Goo Gone® range of cleaning chemicals come in a collection of different variations, all based on the stalwart, stain-fighting original. Each of the individual cleaning products is a mix of scientifically purposed chemicals combined with a heavy dose of citrus power. The full range includes:

  • Goo Gone® Original
  • Goo Gone® Mess-Free Pen
  • Goo Gone® Grill Cleaner
  • Goo Gone® Stainless Steel Cleaner
  • Goo Gone® Patio Furniture Cleaner
  • Goo Gone® Pro-Power®
  • Goo Gone® Xtreme
  • Goo Gone® Coffee Maker Cleaner
  • Goo Gone® Clear Flow®
  • Goo Gone® Sticker Lifter
  • Goo Gone® All-Purpose Cleaner

Find your perfect Goo Gone® match and every greasy, grimy, oily and gooey stain you’ve ever encountered will be a thing of the past.

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